Useful Chromatic Harmonica Exercises


I'm going to start putting little helpful, semi-helpful, and Helpful-adjacent bits up here for my students and for anyone else interested.

This is going to be a page for basic "learning the instrument" exercises, and there will be a page for Drug-Crazed Jazz Players.

Nothing here yet, but there's a small bit over on the Jazz Exercise area.

OH, but wait......I see there's a great exercise on a page here. Yeah, that interval exercise is great for knowing where each note is on the instrument, I'll paste it below here, but if it's not confusing enough, there's more confusing descriptions of it here.

Speed is not what you want to work on on this exercise. The more slowly you do it, the better it'll work out in the end. Doing it quickly detracts from the educational opportunities, as far as I can tell. Probably because at slow tempos there's more room for errors.