Dear Hohner:

I really have to thank you for using wooden combs on your 270's and Deluxe 270's.

Now that I've switched all 20 my wooden combed three octave Deluxe chromatic harmonicas to non-wood materials, after ten years of comb straightening, comb replacing, and the ever-popular penultimate resort, "Prayer before attempting re-assembly" method, the relief I feel is truly palpable, probably made more palpable by the long wait.

Wait, I have to look up that word.."palpable"....Yeah, I used it correctly....Palpable, it is.

To be fair, it's worth noting that some of my chromatics (6) with wood combs are just fine, and thanks for asking.

That said , I still find that, no matter what material, the combs on your Deluxes tend to play wrong notes at times. Moreover, as I spend more practice time, I find that they play fewer wrong notes, so I think there must be a comb break-in period. You might want to put that warning on the box.

I did take some lessons, so I know it's not me.

I do love the bolts in the Deluxes, though, and I do thank you for those.
Please put them on your normal 270's. Thanks in advance.


jon kip